3-D / by DBL

Chamber 1 - 2016

Paint, ply wood and pine.  Projections by Wes Johansen and josie j .

Log 2006

Iron Bark Eucalyptus from the urban forest of Long Beach

live video and sound

live video feed from camera in tree

Tree Febuary 2007

photos by

Jeremy Eichenbaum

 The two wooden forms in the foreground were feed backing resonators/ drums which contained a microphone and a speaker each.  They are hybrid bazooka speakers much like ones used in autos.  The third form, the tower, in the back contained an amp and speakers.  The microphone ran from one "drum" through pedal effects to the amp then to the opposite speaker in the other "drum".  

Two performers where stationed outside the gallery each with one "drum" 100 yards apart.   What one played on one "drum" was heard on the opposite drum heard by the other performer.   Both performers were heard by people in the gallery through the speakers housed in the tower. 

Old Guy Running Exhibit 2008

photos by

Jeremy Eichenbaum

The show consisted of 2 wooden pieces one a table the other a headpiece and two performers.

The table was not a table in traditional sense but more of an organ or instrument of sorts.  It worked as a resonator.  The top barrel shaped form was made of ceramic.  The green stain on the bottom is moss.  Inside the vessel was a sub speaker and a microphone.  The microphone ran through an electronic effects device, to an alpine car amp then to the sub-woofer speaker in the form.  The actual table was made of lumber from the urban forest of long beach (Ficus).  This piece was controlled by one performer through nobs on the top of the table.

The head piece was made of reclaimed lumber from an old Baptist church/ Pentecostal church.  The headpiece also had a microphone located in the conal shaped form and a analog synth embedded in the body which also had nobs and circuit bending switches.  This piece was worn and controlled by the second performer.

"A Neo-Tribal Audiophiles's Living Rooms Dream"

birth of the Bu

tó Flutó

Prototype 2007

unfired partly wet ceramic, contact mice, pedal effect, wires, alpine sub-woofer amp and speaker, plywood

The ceramic vessel housed a sub-woofer speaker and a contact mice.  Clay was keep in a semi wet state to observe the effects it had on acoustics. 

photos by

Jeremy Eichenbaum

Study of Sacred Spaces 2006

Table 2006

reclaimed wood (Pine- Los Angeles, Eucalyptus- Long Beach)

Plant 2005

LEDs, poplar, curly maple, microcontroller, wires, battery (programed in colab. w/ Brian Evans)

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