DivineBrick Research Projects (DBRP) at best is a think tank at worst is josie j...

DivineBrick (josie j) makes research based existential iconoclastic artwork. A lifetime of reconfiguring views, beliefs, self-structure and modeling a research-oriented existence that explores belief and where it stems from, this is where it has lead.

This exploration has taken many forms: josie j has taught children and adults, works with canines, studied Butoh with Kiochi and Hiroko Tamano, explorations in wood working, writing, sculpture, sound production, video, performance, interest in: Trends, the occult, the esoteric, transhumanism, BSDM lifestyles, religion, spirituality, tech, Growth, and anything seemingly unrelated.

josie j's interest in performance has allowed opportunities to perform in great locations such as, the Berkley Art Museum (with the Harupin-ha Dance Heather), Highways Performance Space Santa Monica, Ca (solo and w/ Parallax Beach), The Tar Fest, Los Angeles, Ca, Torrance Art Museum ( in collab. and Solo), and the SoundWalk of Long Beach, in which he was featured in on "Visiting...with Huell Howser". josie j's sculptures are usually part of the performances.

josie j resides in his birthplace, South Los Angeles, where work is done in the studio, writing, retro fitting a self designed Roubo inspired workbench, drawing and general making. josie j also performs in the LA music and underground performance art scene, continuing a Self practice of Corporeal Reformation (an exploration in movement, ritual making, and belief mechanisms).

The work and interests are based upon the need to understand everything under the sun and beyond. The measure on which DBRP sees success is internal. In hopes to leave the theories and headaches that emerge the DivineBrick Research Projects was established.