January 14th, 2019

Athame 4, Coaxial, 1815 s. Main St (Los Angeles, Ca)

8pm-12am DivineBrick w/ Zachary Paul and Julia Hays, Sebeyu, Ghost Piss, Ian Wellman, Gemma Castro


November 11, 2018

11:11 Art Party, 755 Valencia st. (Los Angeles, Ca)

6pm-10pm DivineBrick, PoopDoop, War Hippy

December 09, 2018

Multi-generational Picnic, Lincoln Park (Lincoln Park, Ca)

September 15-16, October 6-7, November 3-4, 2018
Ankoku-Butoh Workshop with the Harupin-Ha Dance Theater, We Live in Space (Los Angeles, Ca)
11am-3pm Butoh Workshop FB Event

November 2, 2018 
1 Year Anniversary Día De Los Muertos Gathering, Flora y Tierra, (Long Beach, Ca)
6-10pm DivineBrick, venders, music, performers FB event

October 27, 2017                                            
The Hallowed Rites of Harvest, 
5am-12pm immersive party   

September 22, 2018
DivineBrick and Mia Doi Todd, Frogtown Artwalk (Los Angeles, Ca)
5pm-7 Corporeal Reformation Solo with Musical accompaniment 

September 11, 2018
Unusual Tuesdays, Sunspace (Sun Valley, Ca)
Variety Show  
August 25, 2018 
Meditative Play, Zorthian Ranch (Altadena, Ca)
8am-12pm This Meditative Play invites viewers to become non-passive witnesses to meditate on actions involving land stewardship, echos of existence, origins of life and existential milestones.  
FB Event  

August 12 and 19 2018
Corporeal Reformation Exploration, Zorthian Ranch (Altadena, Ca)
11:30am-2:30pm Movement meetup
FB Event  

July 08, 2018 
Fundraiser for Family Reunification, Flora y Tierra (Long Beach, Ca)
FB Event 
families belong together
May 13, 2018
Face The Music Dance Festival, Zebulon (Los Angeles, Ca)
Harupin-Ha Dance Theater
FB Event  

March 18, 2018
Berkeley Art Center (Berkeley, Ca)
4-6pm-Ankoku Butoh Gathering, Life and Death Celebration FB  
March 4, 2018
Coaxial (Los Angeles, Ca) 
7pm- JungleSharks • FierroXMachina • Nephila • WarHippy • DivineBrick

June 09, 2017
Pro-Art (Oakland, Ca) 7pm-L.A. Peeps Show w Present, Tainted Pussy, FootSOS, DivineBrick, poopdood

June 10, 2017
Mini-plex (Arcata, Ca)
9pm-Present / DivineBrick / poopdood / Devin Nolan

May 27, 2017 
Portals Project, Self Help Graphics (DTLA) 
2pm DivineBrick @ Los Angeles + Mexico City. Open Connection With Mexico City  

June 3, 2017
SoundPedro (San Pedro, Ca) 
Through soundpedro on June 3rd 2017 ear-oriented art will be highlighted at Angels Gate Cultural Center.  

April 1, 2017
Wonder Valley Experimental Festival #9- (Twentynine Palms, Ca) 
5pm-12am-  The Nineth inter-ration of the Wonder Valley Experimental Music Festival, FREE, FREE camping on site. Lots to like here!
*as DivineBrick feat. Janet and BrenNoidPalms Restaurant
83131 Amboy Rd, 29 Palms, CA 92277 FB  

Febuary 11, 2017 
Estatic Energy Lab- (Higland Park, Ca) 
8pm-11pm-  New York composer Omar Zubair and Los Angeles experimental guitarist Maneesh Raj Madahar conceive a neoshamanic ritual encompassing multiple players in varied disciplines, a multi faceted experiance, including music and performance. Collaborators include WHEREAS, josie j, and BrenNoid. Audience participation encouraged. Collective Arts Incubator1200 N Ave 54, Los Angeles, California 90042

November 12, 2016
Summer Arcade- [Body Works: Five Senses] (El Sereno, Ca) 
2pm-11pm-  Fall Festival of aesthetic exploration and experimentation.New site specific works and featured projects. (DivineBrick in Collaboration) location tba

November 18, 2016  
Nuvola- [Vedu] (Los Angeles, Ca) 
10pm- a capsule of dissociative auditory elusion into amorphous sound spectrums
DivineBrick w/ Lower Tar/ Sndcstl/ Paper Slang/ Former Boys/ Opia/ Well, Unknown?/ Ahnnu1753 E. Olympic Blvd.   

September 24, 2016
Diverge, Honey Trap, DTLA, Los Angeles,Ca 
8pm-tba Group Experimental Performance Show
799 Towne ave   

September 10-11, 2016- Q3: Officespace, Pop-up Gallery, Santa Monica
730pm-12 Group Show 
Performance on 9-11

May 2, 2016- May 11, 2016
Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, Ca 
In Gallery -  Raze the WhiteBox: A Think Tank of Change 

May 10, 2016
Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, Ca
9pm- DivineBrick in Collab. w/ Mike Meanstreetz (Present) and Z. Vital (poopdood) 
April 16, 2016
Jawbone Canyon , Mohave, Ca (D3(0d3D in the Desert 2) 
8pm- Present, Gaylord Fiend, LAZERBLADE, DivineBrick, Universal Conciousness, Poop Dude, Cyphlon, WOz out of time,tba
March 08, 2016
The Honey Trap (Wet Mango Presents: Fuckin Wierdos) 
8pm- Jack Topht, Wet Mango, Libythth, DivineBrick, tba

February 02, 2016
La Cita  (Island of Misfit Toys 14 [DTLA])
8pm- Dawn Rald, Yortal Curb, Kio Griffith, DivineBrick 
colored spots.png
August 14, 2015
Presented by Pretend Gallery: TV Dinner Art and Live Music Performances Also, A Dog Show!  Echo Park, (LA,Ca) 
7pm-tba Various artist (DivineBrick performing on friday night more artist from 12pm-late plus a dog show on Sunday.)
March 13, 2015
Moonpad, (LA,Ca)
9pm: PRESENT, Brain Fragment w/ Wes & the Cult of the Eternal Beat, DJ Poopdoop, DivineBrick
Present, Xover (Italy), DivineBrick, Failings(PDX)
Dec 22 2014-Jan-04 2015 (see page

December 20, 2014
Whereas Warehouse (DTLA)  
Bad Acid Trip / Bandito Overlord / Xover (Danilo Casti, Sardinia) / DivineBrick / PRESENT 
Winter Tour kick off!!

November 18, 2014
La Cita (DTLA)
DivinBrick, The Zero Collective, Eric Ostrowski, Bandito Overlord

November 14, 2014
DomeLand (Joshua Tree, Ca)
WHEREAS (w/josie j), A'rk, Atala, Sorxe
September 28, 2014
Falcon Nest-28 Falcon Ave.(LBC) 
Solo DBRP- Tour Pre kick off
July 04, 2014
811 Beaudry  [LIBERTY D3(0D3D] (Chinatown): 
7pm: With PRESENT, in DBRP, in Colab.
July 11, 2014
21 st. Warehouse [Whereas However TWO] (DTLA): 
7pm: With PRESENT, in DBRP, in Colab.
May 2, 2014
21 st. Warehouse [Whereas However] (DTLA): 
7pm: With PRESENT, in DBRP, in Colab.
April 19, 2014
Furst Wurld [D3C0D3D in theD3S3Rt] (Joshua Tree, Ca)
6pm: Multi Media Performance w Present and Wes and the Cult of the Eternal Beat 
March 16 & April 12, 2014
Sancho [opening and Closing] (Echo Park):  
7pm: Performance in Whereas
March 7, 2014
21 st. warehouse [Musique Potlach] (DTLA):  
7pm: Performance w Present
December 9, 2013
Pehr Space [Sean Carnage Monday Nights] (DTLA):  
9pm: Multi-Media Performance- Parallax Beach
December 6, 2013
Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, Ca):  
8pm: Multi-Media Performance- Parallax Beach Performing "Parallax Scroll 2.0"  
November 23, 2013
1729 E. Los Angeles st. (Los Angeles, Ca):
9pm: Multi-Media Performance- Name to be Determined 

November 2, 2013
Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, Ca):   
8:30pm: Noise/ Non-Dance and Performance- DBRP performing "Research in Religious Self-Cybernetics: Pruning the Rose, Eating the Thorn" and josie j in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra Performance Workshop  
October 12, 2013
Almost Holden Collection (Santa Monica, Ca):  
8 pm: Noise/ Non-Dance - DBRP Performing "Research in Religious Self-Cybernetics: Pruning the Rose, Eating the Thorn" 
October 5, 2013
SoundWalk (Long Beach, Ca):  
6-10 pm: Multi-Media Performance- Parallax Beach Performing "Parallax Scroll"
April 26, 2013
CIA (North Hollywood):   CANCELED
 9:00pm: Multi-Media Performance- DBRP w/ Mike Meanstreetz Performing "Brothers of Two"
April 13, 2013
Bike Oven (Highland Park, Ca):
10:00pm: Multi-Media Performance- DBRP w/ Mike Meanstreetz Performing "Brothers of Two"
March 30, 2013
Hunter House (DTLA):
8:00pm: Multi-Media Performance- DBRP w/ Mike Meanstreetz Performing "Brothers of Two"