*Closed*Call for Movers/ Dancers/ Body Works/ Activist/ Makers

Saturday, June 1, 2019 6-10pm @ Soundpedro in San Pedro,CA



June 1, 2019

GENRE: performance art, dance, sound, new media 

4  hrs

For "Hull," a collective of artists will collaborate with experimental violinist Zachary Paul for a four hour performance at SoundPedro, an annual sound art festival taking place throughout Angels Gate Cultural Center. This work will allow movers participating to be immersed in butoh method.

"Hull" is a meditative play that revisits historical issues involving military, fishing and shipping industries in opposition to natural land, then sends these issues through an agitator. In this process the aim is to up heave and reprocess our history, to start anew with wiser ways even if it is only limited to the artist experiencing this meditation. This meditative play resonates with a history echoing far beyond the constrained location of San Pedro. "Hull" explores these conflicting themes and histories as they cascade down its epicenter and out into its surroundings.  Perch high above the shoreline Hull presents itself to this beautiful landscape.

Violinist Zachary Paul (https://www.thezacharypaul.com) opens the door and sets this four-hour durational piece in motion. Notes trickle in like morning dew, every two minutes to build micro-tonal resonances. Every twenty minutes, they begin this process again with a new note, building up to a lush twelve note chordal drone by the end of the piece.

A acoustic hull of a wooden vessel, echoing oil rigs, fishing boats, military bases shipping containers will be at the physical center of this work. Like dirty laundry on a washboard, fish dancing on a wooden deck, materials transported, bodies will rise and descend from this structure. This circular action will expand every twenty minutes eventually expanding into the landscape (outdoor). What will be presented is a representation of the collective memory of a space, its dark vortexes to it lighter moments of joy.

This serves a a general description. It is subject to change, expand, grow and retreat.

***Fabricators and costume makers needed as well***





Raze the Whitebox is an experimental collaboration in which most funding is done by collaborators. Collaborators are actively seeking funding in grants and other outside sources. If you chose to help us on this journey you are not required to aid in the funding. Your help will be gladly accepted in which ever form it may be. If you decide to dedicate your time and we find funding, we hope to raise enough to compensate you for your part.

P.O.C.s step to the front but ALL are welcome to inquire.

Participating artist:

josie j

Julia Hays

Maia Martinez

Brennan Lowe

Serene Caffrey

Zachary Paul

Brisa Romero

Rehearsal time and transportation to West Adams, Los Angeles will be required.

for more info email: josie j at info@razethewhitebox.com