josie (2019)

Body: divinebrick

Video: Jeremy Eichenbaum/ Los Angeles Video Club

Music: Have It Too


The World Tree (Ecstatic Energy Lab)

New York composer Omar Zubair and Los Angeles experimental guitarist Maneesh Raj Madahar (together the Ecstatic Energy Lab) conceive a neoshamanic ritual encompassing multiple players in varied disciplines including music and performance at Collective Arts Incubator (CAI), Los Angeles, 2/11/17.

Maneesh Raj Madahar
Mike Meanstreetz
Cameron McNair
Brennan Lowe
Omar Zubair
Mike Glover
josie j (divinebrick)

Cinematography and Editing by Curtis Tamm

"The world tree touches the planet where no body knows. It is said that to arrive at the place no body knows, an animal must begin by forgetting itself. To all those that arrive, the place no body knows is twilight that shimmers with the sound of countless tiny silver bells.

The roots of the world tree create a deep deep cavern. There is a djinn who resides within. This djinn is the breath of the eldest mother. It is said that if true friends wholeheartedly breathe together, they have the potential to touch this djinn. This is another path to the place no body knows. It is also said that if this djinn becomes aware of animal presences, there is a chance that the ego, the mind, the blood, the heart, and the flesh may dissolve and dissipate. All that will be left is the breathing and no thing else.

The world tree’ trunk is perceived as a dense vertiginous column of innumerable birds. Rising up and twirling down. The variety of birds is beyond conceiving. Sparrows and hawks and benus and eagles and phoenixes and peacocks and owls and anzus and ravens and garudas and on and on and on. The avian column kaleidoscopically transforms into very fine slow moving bursts of lightning. This lighting blooms outwards into a roiling mass of thunderheads that is smeared with blotches of furtive mirages. The mirages briefly reveal vistas of the horizon lines from wondrous landscapes, then melt and marble into the storm clouds. This is the crown of the world tree.

The world tree is not the first world tree. Much is forgotten of the first, save for the echo of its existence and that it needed no star and that it’s twin was the eldest mother.

But all of this is just a whisper heard in a dream, a fleeting buzz one may hear when encountering will-o’-the-wisps. Snatches of an indiscernible language that is felt to be seething with secrets but ultimately unknowable." (Maneesh Raj Madahar)

DivineBrick/Mike Meanstreetz @ OPAF 2019 (part 2)

Skin on a Cloth Line" clip 3/16/19 Other Places Art Fair at Angel's Gate in San Pedro March 16th with Tingo Tongo Tapes

"Raze the WhiteBox" DivineBrick in Collaboration with Z.Vidal and Mike Meanstreetz 2016
Slime on a Toad

"Slime on a Toad"

January 14, 2019

Meditative Play initiated and facilitated by DivineBrick

Movement by Julia Hays and DivineBrick

Concepts explored by Julia Hays and DivineBrick

Music by Zachary Paul

Captured by Charlie Westcott

Meditative Plays are experiences to facilitate growth and exploration of themes and concepts directly related to individuals involved. The goal is not only to create a work that effects viewers but also shifts the present and personal experience and growth of participants. You may call it a ritual, a cleansing, a purging, a ceremony, a trial by fire, and ancestral need to play with something to further understand it...its a deeper approach that values experience over aesthetics and spirituality over quantification.

DivineBrick (josie j)

Julia Hays insta: @chookoo.lives

Zachary Paul

@coaxial Los Angeles Ca

Nano Expel Extended version
My Skin Becomes the Phantoms that Haunt the Air 2

Improv bomb

DivineBrick (josie j)

Video by Julia Hays

San Pedro, Ca

April 27th, 2019

Crumpled by Future Antiquities from Space (improv b)

Crumpled by Future Antiquities from Space (improv b)

Beverly Hill ,Ca

Captured by Julia Hays

Featuring "Take Away" By Tom Friedman


Grandloves (feat. Young Magic) by Purity Ring

"survive" by divinebrick

divinebrick @ We Live In Space

song: Tzusing - Digital Properties

March 17th, 2019

"Tugging on Soot Stained Dreams"

Improv Bomb Arts District Los Angeles *post hauser and wirth bomb

Julia Hays insta: @chookoo.lives

josie j (DivineBrick)

Shoot by Charlie Westcott

"a Sentient Approach, a Cybernetic Reproach"

D.B.R.P. Performing in Solo Dolo #2 @ Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Ca

DivineBrick And Mike Meanstreetz "big Soup"

DivineBrick And Mike Meanstreetz "big Soup" Corporeal Reformation by josie j Sound by DivineBrick and Mike Meanstreetz Video by DivineBrick and Mike Meanstreetz

"Brothers of Two" by MIKE MEANSTREETZ + DIVINEBRICK @ Bike Oven, Highland Park Los Angeles 2013
DivineBrick @ Flora y Tierra- Dia De Los Muertos

Instagram:@mayahuel_recovery_nutrition Body Spirit movement performance at Dia de Los Muertos at @flora_y_tierra space @divinebrickartist

DivineBrick @ Flora y Tierra- Dia De Los Muertos

instagram: @mayahuel_recovery_nutrition Body Spirit movement performance at Dia de Los Muertos at @flora_y_tierra space @divinebrickartist

SWEEP 2007

Video and audio from various sweep performances in Long Beach, California

Huell Howser's California Gold visits Soundwalk 2008 part 4

DivineBrick @ the 3:39 mark