A Rose Perished

Rememebring Something that Comes to Me at Every Life- A Rose Perished by DBL

I do miss you, a rose that perished.

I imagine your color is much more yellow. Your smell much more sweet. I hope your roots are stronger and your highest vine higher than before. I still think you were the perfect one. Despite your beauty you were contained and restricted by a cancer of doubt. A cancer easily developed. Something I to felt. Delusions of your form are always present. More vivid when I sleep. I have no answers only questions. A bond through the ages, maybe, destined to always be almost. I fear to reach out because your space is sacred, I rather leave it to someone else's doing. I had your image in my mind before I knew you, therefore I can't forget what was there before me.

Tuesday Night Post # 36 by DBL


A little collaboration this Tuesday.  With me is A Rose Perished.   This post is a bleeding of lost thoughts trying to find a meaning.


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West Wind Finds Me

As a child I left many doors closed
At times eyes shut with light switches up
Several evenings adorned I felt exhausted
I would need this for the trip back, she said
Of course I conceded for lack of mis-contempt
Just this once, I cracked the window one hair’s width
In this space entered
What I called AAron
Bringing back physical objects proved difficult
Though not impossible
As I learn I void
Fully adorned I felt more fully exhausted
I remember a box with a square hole
This I found familiar

CicLAvia Performance Stills 2 by DBL


Hungry for more stills?  

And a little description?

Well, if you were a witness you would of heard an otherworldly sound (produced by the broom) accompanied by a rhythmic audio track. 

Make-up by A Rose Perished.


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The Wires Tell the Tale of the Broom

Gathering the Earth

Stopping the Wind

Spinning the Earth

Mind the Cloud

Roman Æon

Spring and 8th


Make Sound

*stills provided by Seajay

CicLAvia Performance Stills by DBL

Happy weekend to all,

Last week there was an amazing turn out at CicLAvia in Los Angeles Ca.,  130,000 people came out.  We were happy to perform for you L.A..  It was amazing to see this city crowded with bikes.   I think next time there needs to be more streets closed off, more art, and more happenings on the street.  Hope to have the video edited soon for now here are some shots.

One more thing on October 29th we will be performing at Sancho Gallery in Echo Park, Ca.  Hope to see you there. 


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*photos provided by srd515 through flick.

 October 29th