Joshua Tree

::LA CITA/ Los Angeles :: DOMELAND/ Joshua Tree SHOWS NOV-14-18 by DBL

What does science and religion have in common? They are both trying to figure out the growth, the mechanisms.

What do these two shows have in common?  Potential for Corporeal Reformations,  the Sound is the Symbol.

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WHEREAS droppin it all haaard in da dezzzert, November 14th @






Tuesday Nov 18th @

La Cita Bar

in Dwntwn LA

The Zero Collective -

Eric Ostrowski



Bandito Overlord -


Doors at 8, show at 9 - No Cover

PRESENT w/ DBRP @ D3C0D3D in the D3S3Rt by DBL

PRESENT w/ DBRP (4.20.14)


Jesse Jesster




 Filmed by: Danjon Black

D3C0D3D in the D3S3RT

Furst Wurld, Joshua Tree, Ca

April 19-20 2014

Music by PRESENT

with performance by DivineBrick

"Research in Ritual #c0z3n"


Mike Meanstreetz, Holly Spirit, Erin Worra, Zachary Vidal

Projections: VJ Wes


josie j, STIIVE MAGE, Maneesh Raj Madahar, Mystic O'Reilly

Event Stills:

Stiive Mange


Lazerblade w CT ASSualts

Mystic O' Reilly and Maya Papaya

Tuesday Night Post #20 (mid-day addition) by DBL


Do to lack of computer access in Joshua Tree I am posting an early version.


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Inhaling I am human
I rise filled with life
Exhale pulled down
A small death
In this I practice being human
Creating my horizon
My eye projects the distance I can go
My body measures
My present state
Its Present Weight
A simple black and White
Complicated by desire
Darkness mixed with sweetness
This dichotomy is destroyed
In the building and demolition
I lose sight of this rhythm
At times I stare into the Black
Convinced that it's a blinding light
The other direction a confusing paradox
A Third state
I meander finding things
That enlighten from macabre foundations
Colliding winds that 
Spin, spin, spin

Koichi and Hiroko Tamano at the Harrison House- Joshua Tree 08/22-08/24 by DBL

Greeting friends,

For anyone venturing out to Joshua Tree or for anyone wanting to experience the last performance and workshops by Kiochi and Hiroko Tamano and the Harupin-ha Dance Theater on the mainland here is the press release from Harrison House Music and Dance.  If I find a ride I will be there and performing as part of the troupe.


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Dear Friends and Dance Lovers:

It is with great pleasure that we will host Harrison House artists-in-residence Koichi & Hiroko Tamano for a special farewell Butoh Dance Theater performance on August 22nd followed by a two-part workshop on August 23rd.

Living treasures, international touring artists and Harupin-ha creators, Koichi & Hiroko, have been performing and teaching Butoh for over 30 years and were the first to bring this dance form to the West.  The influence of Butoh originator Tatsumi Hijikata, who performed with and shaped the two artists, has left its imprint on them although the Tamanos have since forged their own style.

Many of you were in attendance when Koichi & Hiroko were last here, and we've received numerous requests for a return visit.  It is an honor to present their final U.S. mainland performance and workshops before they relocate back to Japan.

Monday, August 22, 2011, 7:30pm
“A Big Sky" (after the end of the world)
Donation: $15

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
"Create Your Own Horizon"
7:00 am~8:30am - $20
6:30 pm~9:00pm - $35

Workshops/Performance - $60
(Space is Limited)

Performance & Workshops will take place at Harrison House
(6881 Mt. Lassen Avenue, Joshua Tree, CA)

Tickets are available at: Joshua Tree Health Foods
(29 Palms Hwy at Sunset Street, Joshua Tree, CA)

For additional information call: 760.366.4712


Eva Soltes
Harrison House Music & Arts
P.O. Box 416
Joshua Tree, CA 92252