Long Beach Soundwalk

Update: SoundWalk, Other Performances by DBL


This year has been a very eventful year.  Many performances and many artwork has yet to be made, but the opportunities I have had this year I have been grateful for.

I have lost my mailing list do to my computer failure but hopefully new social media will add in communication.  Also the few die hard fans can always keep up to date here and on the events page.

Any yes the new computer is on its way... finally.

More shows coming this month (more DBRP performances), in November (as part of the La Pocha Nostra Workshop at Highways) in December (Parallax Beach Debut of Parallax Scroll 2.0 At Highways).  List of events HERE.

This Past weekend Parallax Beach had an opportunity to run though the beginnings of Parallax Scroll in marathon form.  Five 45 min performances in a four hour block.  we finished exhausted, cleansed and accomplished.  Here are a few snippets of the performances. 

via SoundWalk

Instagram photo by @greeniebeanies (Ryan Lampert)

Photos by Hannah Maynard via LB Post

Instagram photo by @chakosroughdraft

Parallax Beach @ SoundWalk October 5, 2013 by DBL

Parallax Scroll is a multi-media performance piece that bridges the abstract landscapes of sound, light, time, and movement. A trio of artists, each utilizing different mediums, come together to make a unique piece.  Wes Johansen creates a visual representation of abstract thought through digital video projection, with live editing and synchronizing directly to the soundtrack.  Mike Meanstreetz uses avant-garde percussion and composition techniques tangling the audience in a web of Synthesia.  These elements are accentuated as josie j conveys transformation to audience through ritualism/ meditative movement influenced partly by Butoh training and a background in performance art.  With additional assistance from Zachary Vidal (audio) and Brennan Lowe (movement).

Parallax Scroll will take the audience on a voyage through the emergence of life. Starting with imagining first sight, the emergence of language, and the development of society -- all the way to the end of time. Severed moments of macrocosmic balance routinely underline human evolution. These moments intrigue, as modernity has alienated us from the immediacy of life. Perceptions of time become mercurial and subjective depending on perspective. All points can viewed when wading on a Parallax Beach

Parallax Beach will be performing Parallax Scroll on October 5, 2013 as part of Soundwalk in Long Beach CA.

Parallax Beach at SoundWalk


● WHAT: A multi-media performance piece Parallax Scroll, performed as part of the 10th annual “SoundWalk 2013” festival, a one-night event of installations by 40 local and international sound artists.

● WHERE: Artwise 408 1 st. st. and throughout the area encompassed by 4th St, Linden Ave, 1st St, and Elm Ave.

● WHEN: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 from 6–10 pm


● PARKING: Metered parking is available on the street; additional parking is also available in the parking lot at the NW corner of Broadway and Elm Ave.
Facebook event at: http://www.facebook.com/events/192642767577120/

Artist Sites:

josie j

Wes Johansen

Mike Meanstreetz

SoundWalk 09-VID by DBL

                               CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW!!!

Bipeds alike,

This is the Sweep Performance performed at the SoundWalk of Long Beach, Ca (September 25, 2009). Many thanks to electronic emergency and many that helped out.

The audio consists of 2 channels each with two different excerpts from two different Sweep Performances performed at the SoundWalk.

The actual performance  consisted of one performer sweeping with a broom that was wired to a computer.   The computer filtered the sound of the broom accentuating it.  This sound was then directed back to headphones that were worn by the performer and anyone else that wanted to follow him and immerse themselves in the performance.


SoundWalk Performance Update by DBL

Converging Life Streams,

My hopes is to have the SoundWalk performance vid ready to share soon. I really enjoyed this piece and hope to experience it again, and give others a chance to do so with me. It was nice to be a part of the Soundwalk of Long Beach for the second time. Although it is bitter sweet.

I really do feel it is unfortunate it is a very little known event, mostly known to Long Beach locals, if even that. It is quite a unique event. Growth and positive spirit of audience and of the organizers is my desire.

One thing I found that was encouraging is the energy and spectrum of the audience. Most glad to see children and many of our community elders there and most ecstatic to see may colors and origins on many of the faces.

Art is strangled, sheltered in least terms, when hermetically sealed. Oxygen is for growth, your carbon, expelled, is just part of that cycle. You must breath on it, by all means break that air tight seal. Stir in all your germs all the filth, conjure up an elixir, strength is in the mix, to combat an pin hole panoramic view.

On a tangent now. Been thinking of that great white art box all artist love to put there finger prints on. So much white to reflect the light. To much space to contain the ego.


SoundWalk-Oct. 3rd, 2009 by DBL

It's that time of the year. Time for the annual Long Beach SoundWalk. It is quite remarkable that the only sound walk I know about in Southern California is in Long Beach. Well I am honored and glad to be part of it for a second year. This Year there will be another performance to experience. I will not bore you with the details.

If anything come to experience a night walk filled with many audible happenings around a usually not so contemporaneously experimental Visual arts neighborhood. Leave it to Long Beach To add the Noise to the Contemporary art scene. That is one thing I do feel it has going for it, the music Scene, always very attainable and affordable.

Come to the only SoundWalk (that I know of) in Southern California . There will be many sound works to absorb.


Long Beach Soundwalk and DivineBrick Research Sound Projects on Huell Howser by DBL

KCET will be re-airing the Visiting With Huell Howser, in which he visits Long Beach's Soundwalk, on January 23 at 7:30 pm and 12:30 am. The interview we got was ok considering it was impromptu, early in the many performances we did, levels off and all but fun none the less. I knew what to expect knowing his interview style and wholesomeness so I really did not know what to say, plus I could not hear much and was in no state to do an interview. I wish they would of had footage of the later performances. We settled in, levels, rhythm and the people really started to feel it...especially me. Unfortunately very little sound and video footage exist of this piece and is now shattered. Although is is hard to really record the really sub bass sounds that make the piece.