Tuesday Night Post #12 / by DBL

Spreading  spurge of bots,
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more lulzsec
Arizona Police
Unveilance, Stuxnet, Odessey, Lybia??

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These are mostly just for fun and exercise.  I call them word equations.  Using the structure of a basic arithmetic problem I like creating an equation using words. 
First I write one line, no requirements.  The second line will be some how related to the first, for instance if the second word in the first line makes any reference to the body every second word in the preceding line/s will have a similar requirement.   Another example of a requirement might be that the first word/s of the previous line be some how related to the last word/s on the next line and the last word on the previous line be related to the first word on the preceding line.  Sometimes I might have a summation in form of a mash up.   The group might be structured by using the structure, rhythm or aesthetic appeal of the over all group of words.  Requirements and rules might fluctuate and be created for any new problem.

*     *     *     *     *

Love is just a way to Exist
Limb’s are just to sense touch
Lib'sisre Ust ta Sente oist

*      *      *

A Dance is forever symbolic
The Relation to One aNother.
Circled close is a close system
CirDRace tonever AN blitm

*     *     *     *     *

A hot lap heated with a piece of overheated electronic
Iconic tempered situation of a moment handled
A reach out in this time is volatile for the clinic
LiNc Alf orV0iL ReDouT Dit

*     *     *     *     *

Feather rite in site
Sweater flea in tea
Treaty blast and cast
Theater cables are ables
Disease trapped and adapted
Stream weak but leaked
Mislead minded and signed
Peavey found it’s rounded

*     *     *     *     *

Timely taken homely seeded
Nicely icily she hide me preceded
Wince him once since in an intanT