Tuesday Night Post #19 / by DBL

Wind Bags,

Studying with Hiroko Tamano in Berkeley has been a cosmic experience.  Lessons that have made me be aware of this sphere we spin on and the many forms humans can transmute into by inner want, not external forces.  Just one more reminder that the human experience is a rare experiance.


*     *     *     *     *
Seed of Choice
(Stories of the Two)
Sunshine and a moonlit night all in one
A reminder that time is not real and rules destroy beauty
In his view she is his master
This inner growth through her skin expels
A sobering reproach
Proximity makes a touch even more inviting
Drowning in the fluid both find common ground
In secretly he burns the land for renewal and devilish destruction
In passing she finds cues in the footsteps
Rhythms of walks that signify an extension of this transformation
Two energy sources flooding the space
They try to defy their rules of disgrace
As he expands so does the darkness
As his inner light expands her darkness matures
As we study this corporal transformation
We witness integration
Their words become disjointed
Arms pulled every which way by the comic winds
Her present sense is of a needle and tread that cruises through
Her newly formed flesh
Now she is only connected to her past by strings above
Grounded by one below
A single string that she chose to sew
A symbol of her mortal self