Tuesday Night Post #24 / by DBL

A short one.

*    *    *     *    *


Moving in speeds that thoughts cant produce
Fleeing clarity is all my mind allows
Any more awake and I'll begin to sink
No time to question the linear clouds
A heavy feeling is just a hint
An amber left over from a forgotten spark
Now left to irritate a body in waking death
I have these four rear mounted frames of thought
A perfect box to house my fears, which sits on my chest
All's for sure and never abandoned
Thoughts and beliefs gently handed
Severed away from the rest
A violent action left as a testament
For one that’s not part of this encampment
Moving forward is a direction
Seeming as though it is just a reflection
No movement is what we want
So Ones can tear apart
The lovely thing we adore
Which at this time we cannot ignore 
The grander things that guides my devolution