Tuesday Night Post #26 / by DBL


 Another week, another break through, another step, another forgotten.


*      *     *     *     *

Pillars of Absurdity
Reared as juments they ache as they become idle.  The body of habit finds disorder in privilege when it is given not asked for.  Here is a description of us not described by another but by the very existence that creates it.  In group they sit, lay, meander through idles of walking death.  Except the legs and feet become tender and sweet for the walk exists in a realm beyond the action.  With a thought, together, they create a world.  With fragile hands they reconstruct biology.  Given the chance they will create what will only be another twice removed instinct.  Many lay whiles others play in the same, the parallel truth.  The ones that lay also play.  A good distraction is to achieve what is necessary to have the means to an end.   The final instant being the thing need but without the substance.  A good worker without a job plays well in delusion.   Will repackaged forms of our basic needs with pretty lights, colors, and sounds be enough to think we found a new world?  I only respond to the bird that whistles in the box left to heal what it needs to become whole.  If this box contains something worth saving maybe then we can empty the box.  In open source can we find the truth in Even Steven?  Here is a flip of the same coin only flipped to have a reason to do so.  In our fear for intimacy we find ways to reach out and find intimacy in safe ways.  Craving it much more when we see that safety is a wall, which holds up our own projection of the world.  The same wall keeps us safe from the transparency we created in our search for community.   I guess in a way I exist only to find the heavy burden to hold and find an action to become.  Becoming one of the pillars in the building we have just designed.