Tuesday Night Post #38 / by DBL


A joke is funny only when people laugh.  When is it inappropriate to laugh?  Give it a try to laugh out loud is to show the light that shines.  

*     *     *     *     * 

Mincey Sweet

Laying low on her side

Saving tears for later tries 

Moving slow to not surprise

Crawling in between to paralyze 

She rises up when there's a threat

Even though in doing so there is regret

Danger near it is queer 

it is erect

Falsely feared is the love 

She kept so near and left it shoved 

in her hub

Never took the offer sent

From other ones but kept it bent

in her fold

As be known to the rest 

She has a throne but she stands alone

in her question thrown

If I fear what I love than is what I love what I destroy 

With a look she made it shook

With a wall she made u crawl 

Singer sent to find the foot 

of yet another timely hook

Lets pretend we were never there

Let it happen once again in disrepair

 *     *     *     *     * 

Enable Me
(Non Existent Virtual Conversation)

Hey u


What's new


Moving far


Can I get there with my car


Don't go there make it here


I'll be ur prowler


Are u scared

You should be


Can I come


Can I be ur lil helper


Did I say it wrong

As I thought


Just a thought