Tuesday Night Post #2-17 / by DBL

In birth we find a void to fill.  We are mass. Thought is light. Will is might. We drag across the floor to soon reach higher and in this want we walk on two.  What we want we seek it out. What we learn we spit it out.  Our excrement's sent away to forget what has made this thought go away.  In a path to life of change, do your will to know the game. 
Happy Birth Day.

*     *     *     *     *

Can I tell you of a feeling
that I once sought to see?
A liquid sight of shimmer and fluid light
This primal element
we once held tight
Clear and lively it did flow
On our scaly form
we once knew
Much was the same with the carnal
but renewed

In this fluid we found rite
With this knowledge we turned it up right
Dry and fair
just we stand
With this Pisces in one hand
With mistakes we correct the fire
This replaces emotions in stark
and ripped desire
In the way we structure land
changes forms that can’t be planned
Face the front and leave it square
In the truth we hold it bare
Trying to straighten a rope that’s loose
Lost control
Broke the tooth