Tuesday Night Post # 2-26 / by DBL

The Infectious,
I would like to take just a moment to recognize the many brilliant minds that have fallen.  Precisely this moment is for the onesthat were chopped low before that brilliance could be seen.  Seen by others or seen by the ones thatwere born with a different view, a proper view.


*     *      *     *      *

AsNatural as Walking

There is no way to destroy a Force that has but one direction
A direction that is a different form of Consumption
This definition is one forgotten and is more human than we will remember
Error are the ways of present thought
Weaponized for ill
Chosen are the ones built to fail
Severed are the ones hailed as agitators
Sneak the sliding hand
Send it low
Channeled low into a deep valley
Light don’t shine in tinted windows
Imagination cannot fly with bars on squares
Put them on a bus to a place where they are forgotten
Let the children see that the exercise to think will only follow with distraction
Starve the child of thoughts renowned let them boast their sickened frowns
These children you took would be the anchors
A brilliant light reflected low for the rest to follow
Burn the end in the morning
Drink the thought in the evening
In a box they will learn
You are mistaken if you think this is
a comment on the present educational system
There exist a place where even you are unfamiliar
A box set aside for the young to rot or fall inside
Self reflected they become dejected
Waiting to be passed from one failure to another
A radiant mind would only find consuming ways to self destroy
This is for the ones that knew before they were broken
There are better answers
Than the ones we hold as tokens
For you the few that Consumed every ounce of satisfaction
That this world is a puzzling sensation
For every question you felt there was an answer
For every point you turned to get it
You found a greater sense that it was out there
All you got was strange reactions
For the moment when you forgot to remember to care
For the moment you died and you cared for no affair
You still had a chance
You left the next a reason to fear a brilliant rant
I won’t forget you child
Your sense of wonder
A simple question brave
For you we fight this plague that
We still try to evade