Tuesday Night Post # 2-23 / by DBL

Distant Strangers,

  Find it simple to let it pass through you.  Like a chill that you can't control but feels free and pleasurable.  Wild is a thought a irreplaceable fear of morning light.  What do I search for?  An empty space to stay.  That thought that reminds you what you once understood is actual something you never could. 


*     *     *      *      *

 She Died Cold, I lived  Seeing Her Mold
(Stories of the Two)

A rising step from heel to toe
Keep this thought close around ample room
Deep in a place a light sequesters a hope to grow
Back when you found it hard to say
Everyone has their way to not to show
Now I get the hints reliving sounds eyes rising wheels turning
Sudden vision of you practicing your gifts
Maybe then I had no way had no help devils live in quiet
To really share manufactured hearts broken machine stuck to stare
Never new just confused often found
Sent away in hopes you would be around

In my heart never true
They tell us sacrifice the new
In a dream walking near
With those heels I never fear

Stretch the time of every night
Details never lost as we engage in this artificial recited flight
Words we choose always right hazy dream teasing me
As before I left you there quiet safe high above the stage of fear
Revisit that one place there you stand always full of grace
Safe to dance wild swing arms climb the vine
Chasing that thing you missed before chasing it just a kiss to adore
Breaking down expose the want finally you are content grab it tight

In this heart never true
Tell me to sacrifice the new
In this scene you walk near
With those heels I never fear

In that thought it was right adjusting for the windy sight
A shoulder pressed hard and strong on a wall of nether thought
Holding back the words guarding back the choice to break
An honest theft to not show you wrinkle you scold you
Had it all never needed to adjust the screw
Just pretend all is grey find it better than to stay clouds cover rancid mildew
Lets spend the moment that follows looking at the line of our dearest desires
A simple map of that stage we never cleared standing on the liquid grave of fear
Always moving always flowing always chases us to empty glory
At the bottom of the pool this rose bathed and pruned drowned of smoke and booze
In dark there is only nightmares but for me
There I find my curse I wrap around this cold fire choke in smoke

Drown your heart kill the true
Show me you sacrificed your new
In my vision you walked with me
In your heels you seemed free