Tuesday Night Post # 2-24 / by DBL

Unknown Lovers Made of Substance of the Stars,

Believe that what we know will change in a present time, tomorrow.  Be ready to accept things your child self would have had an easy time.  Prepare to love the things that same child longed to see.  Forget the ground that you find so dear rejoice in the urge to resist the voices that pull you here and there.  Never forget the lover that made you who you are.  Smash the thumb that keeps you all but a dog.  Let your minds eye tear to clear the fog that smears your fear.

*     *     *     *     *    

Isolate the crooked bone
Wind that urge that leaves you to believe
In that seat left occupied with the heat
This is fiction resolved to exist to replace
Known is objects hide in plan sight
Reasons creep in stride with shadows
Never can shake the black skirt
Willingness to love the space in which it spins
In a warm bed in a cool room lies the resistance
This birth that there will be            
Will be the fight we will leave
Change the cheers of pride
Make them tears that one can not hide
Blank will be the paper that will unfold
All the things that could not be acknowledged
Running from the fear of being left alone
Charge one to keep this throne
Swear sweep stare share all that needs to repeat
Scar the flesh that has more strength when it reverts
Gentle finger guide the palm
Into the intersection of numb and hooked resolve
Age passes on a wave of control and comfort
A step towards vocal call is a call to dissent
Feet assemble on a platform of love
Burning their soles in the crucible of misguide empathy