Tuesday Night Post #3.2 by DBL


Its tuesday


At this moment I am frustrated.   Dealing with caves of pastured  hills I resist but I enter, knowing what will occur will be a sense of being outside in the darkness.   Just as the walls are moist, so are the chilled blue blades of grass.  This is where I end up tired and achy.  On trips to wild reactions and decisions I take my naps in institutions.  Naturally the seeds that germinate from this conclusion share the same commitment as my execution.  Dialing the proper number to call the doctor, to fill the prescription that murders the patient, in this proof your fail is the solution.  Redialing context of dissolution I stand proud on broken and swollen legs.  Tree trucks left to spoil, finding necks long and hard, wheels in mud stuck, the child cherishes his freedom.  

With growth and pain rounded fingers feel around as wealth regains.

With repetition I find nostalgia when nothing changes assuring I remember the following.

With repetition I lay my head at the feet I adore without no standards.

With repetition I assure the memory deforms in dome or shelter bending as needed for the assault.

Gems, found in beds left for dead.

Whereas However- a BONANZA {May 2} by DBL

<a href="">WHEREAS HOWEVER: A BONANZA by CTYFaudio</a>

via Maneesh Madahar

we could elaborate on things, specify how we shall move, or even what may happen. certainly there have been times in which the discussions yielded these kinds of particulars….but…you know maybe thats not the communication we should have at this moment. here and now. what is needed, ultimately, is a space for intimacy a

nd connection that begins to push against a possibility. the dynamic potential of a tribe carrying torches deep within bowels of the earth. the cavernous geological womb…watching the fire dance and the luminous rhythm create a shifting choreography with the animals painted on the walls.

this place can also be a bedroom or cinema or a warehouse. they them us we will congregate and gather to help each other thrive. to find ways of becoming a peoples of instantaneous magnitudes blossoming into the infinite impermanence… or , at the very least, we can make something happen that is new and for us. something whose precedent is an elaborate tapestry of interwoven histories extending along fractal meridians into the future and past lives of the selves we always knew we could be…come with me ill follow you.

dancing. summoning sounds. trying to conjure the numinous materiality. bass. gazes and silences.

this event is focused around an extended improvisation between groups and projects. every individual will be given a certain space-time frame in which to perform their personal work. however, this space-time frame will emerge from and merge with a larger collective platform. sights, musics, and costumed forms will be improvising into and out of each other.

constituting the arc are:



DivineBrick Research Projects

(josie j, LAZERBLADE, Maneesh Raj Madahar, STIIVE MAGE, elle merhmand, and Ashley Moon)




Elle Mehrmand





Danilo Casti


Wes & the Cult of the Eternal Beat



Friday, May 2nd

1729 west 21st. street

Los Angeles, Ca 90058 

Facebook Events Page

musiq_Potlach by DBL

 3-7-14, 7pm

Community dining amongst freaky music, performance and video.

CT ASSAULTS (free jazz punk brutallty)

PRESENT (maternal worldgrind) featuring josie j (corporal reformation)

BOBBY LONDON (post ironic noise & performance art)

DITHYRAMB (hectic beat virtuosity)ation

dj+vj Wes Johansen (synth depths and video inversions)

Bring homemade dishes to share with omnivores and reserved palates alike for a full spread!

Main courses, sides, deserts, snacks, and drinks welcome.


6-11 PM

performances 7-10

$5 donation



Parallax Beach @ Pehr Space: Parallax Scroll Final Performance by DBL


This was the last time Parallax Beach performed Parallax Scroll.  The night was filled with great acts.  I personally was hypnotized by the sounds and visuals of


.  I hope to see more of this very very talented lady.  I always gush for



TV Crime Lords

were fun.  Three cute boys making noise, much fun.  

Without further a due here are some stills of the night.  Brennan has got his character and moment down.  Stay tune for some audio.  



A latest global acquisition given to us by PRESENT, a Mike Meanstreetz lovingly hypnotic production. 

Included in this tasty track is PRESENT's new saxophone player. 

Angela Gleich - vocals

Holly Spirit - electric piano & synthesizers

Erin Worra - saxophone

Mike Meanstreetz - drums, midi, backing vocals

Recorded (with child) September 2013 @ Women of Crenshaw, Los Angeles

For booking, please contact

released 11 November 2013


*     *    *     *     *

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;MATERNALWORLDGRIND (single) by PRESENT&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;