Brothers of Two

Tuesday Night Post # 2-19 by DBL

Family… forgiveness and acceptance is easy for family, unless you have severed that part of you.  If so I hope that hand will extent to another.  Union is holy.

*     *     *     *     *

The Siblings Know
My Mother once told me
Of the Brothers of Two
At each golden dawn they come to see
With influence and knowledge they can start to peek
A world of wonder not unlike the one before
In the mind of these Beautiful Ones this will not be cheap
Thoughts that once were lost are regained
In darkness they harbored their sweetest treat
The Others lose focus
They soon can’t be reached

With theory and practice the brothers
They chose to grow
Time dissolves
As does material
The pursuit has its woes
Once a search of the above
Lead to a lesson of justice below
What they took from Nature was her virgin repose

Many came after to study the pursuit
Adding influence and bogus shows from
Black hats and suits
Layered in symbols and images
It’s a fashionable macabre dress
Easily hiding the rapes and the pillages

She said
In real
Simpleton was given the golden goose
With his easily gain knowledge he was easily confused
Like him The Others start to fetish words and their use
They speak of abraxian reckoning
Loving what this conjures in peoples misguides refuse

As this happens
Darkness filters in as they push for release
They don’t see
When the dawn comes there is no beauty 
In the souls that it keeps
They romanticize the fear
The pain and the shadow of death
The first lesson the brothers learned
The apple easily falls
To levitate is what lurks in the shadows of “truth”
They are amused by the Others love of self smear
They josh and they kid of the taking of the bait
Which willfully with malice they put on the plate

My mother she sees and she swallows 
The water of ancient dissent
She frees me and shows me
At the dawn there will be many
Information is the key
Some will approach you with text
While others will practice hermetics to secure others fate
There are still some that use magic to sever the inmate
Cast away
Run away
Clear the field for the rite away
My dear mother she’ll tell me again
Remember the two and the words that follow
They’ll lead you to Truth

Two Figures Square
They stand
On the sands of time which now will stand still
It radiates the heat that came before
They cherish the moment
This is the transition
The sun on their backs
Breathing in the last moment of It
They anticipant the reckoning that will come just before 
The new
To others this is a dance of light
In ignorance they don’t notice this dance is for night

Two Figures Round
As trees stood to take in light
They stand in darkness to take in the night
For others they are sullen two alone in mourning
In them they kept the light switch on
A dance for which they anticipate the rest will give
For this moment they use
An exercise to tune and remain away
For the others will panic searching whom to blame