The Caller

Tuesday Night Post #21 by DBL


My Post.  A projection of a future performance with a sketch to solidify the idea.

 *     *    *     *    *


A cloud of texture distinguished by its sound

Floats above him, The Caller, calling to the crowd

A crowd of thoughts distinguished by its collective action

Surrounds like a veil around inaction

His body a vessel to manifest the paradox of the virtual self

To behold and ride on this network of friends

As he voyages through his forms which are many

Reflecting the thought of One with rows of fingers aplenty

Not a seer of truth but a master of social engineering

Implanting the time signature a rhythm subtle but fulfilling 

One in all they perform the cycle

Destroying through creating

What took many years to make and many lives to construct

A collective thought that has always existed

Masked by this collective inaction just mentioned

A perpetual machine of absurdity

Beautiful in its efficiency and its inefficiency

For to construct what already exist to a second rate

That adds for more thirst than it satiates

Is what we now call the post-human condition