Wet Mango

Jackal: DBRP Performance at The Torrance Art Muesums Zoom 2 by DBL

jackal at tam by DBRP


Three performers: The Handler (which had the Jackal by a leash), the Jackal (which wore a leather headpiece) and the Controller (behind the laptop).

The Jackal and the Handler performed on a ring of salt.

The headpiece had a web cam on the front (which served as an eye), a microphone (which served as a digital gag), and a L.C.D. screen (which served as a filtered window to reality). The live video and audio feed, from the Jackal, was first processed by the Controller which was behind the laptop and in front of the projection. Then the feed was sent to the projector and back to the Jackal, transformed and filtered. What the Jackal saw and the audience saw was the equal.

The Handler- Wet Mango
The Controller- Aaron Moreno
The Jackal- DBL

Torrance Art Museum by DBL

*object control will not be participating

July 3:


7 Artists
5 Hours
1 Day

TAM: On Saturday, July 3, 7 sound and media artists from Los Angeles and Orange County will collaborate on a five hour performance that explores the concepts of transition, interaction and improvisation. Incorporating both electronic and conventional instruments, light projections, and movement, the program will feature new works by DBRP, phog masheeen, Eric Strauss, and FLOOD.

Compositions will be presented as a continuous stream of interconnected events that will transform the Torrance Art Museum into a cooperative sound/media installation and minimal conceptual circus. This performance exhibition will be curated by the Long Beach group FLOOD who produces and curates SoundWalk, a one-night multi-media event dedicated to sound art.

FLOOD’s practice of curation as a separate aesthetic category has resulted in SoundWalk striving to function as a stand-alone work of art comprised of other stand-alone works of art. Within this context, Stations: 751 will serve as a further experiment in “curation as art” as the five featured sounds artists function as a sub-curatory of artist-collaborators who determine such things as object placement and performance progression. As a result, sonic overlap zones and chance events will be among the elements that are a direct result of the curatorial expressions of the artists themselves. It is FLOOD’s hope that the results of this experiment will positively influence the group’s approach to future curato-artistic practice.

WHAT: Sound Art Exhibition curated by FLOOD (Kamran Assadi, Frauke von der Horst, Shelley Rugg-Thorp, Shea M Gauer, Marco Schindelmann)
WHO: Divine Brick Research Projects (Aaron Moreno and bumble head, Wet Mango, DBL), phog masheeen, Eric Strauss and FLOOD
WHERE: Torrance Art Museum (TAM), 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 618-6340
WHEN: Saturday, July 3rd (11:00AM-5:00PM)