Tuesday Night Post #3 / by DBL

Ending to a Unreal Life Altering Text Conversation
(Six Impromptu Responses)

No. 1
Severed finger
Sewn apart
Fingers crossed
Dipped in butter
Brown and toasted
Flavor tense and reflected
Shoved away Rejoined in rhythm.

No. 2
Today decided to not care anymore
Tomorrow I start walking sideways
Everywhere except in tight spaces.

No. 3
There is no fun in time travel
mys-fuctional meddling.

No. 4
Relaxed pose
Open sore
Systems to penetrate
Leave us kneeled and saturated

No. 5
Counted toes count
Once for u
Once for separation
Once for circles son.

No. 6
Inch by seconds or miles
Worried ones watch in horror
Moistened surface the length is measured
Ground is to taste the others mistakes