Tuesday Night Post #4 / by DBL

                  Maybe you have not noticed but things are changing.  The things to come will reignite your ideas of what is possible and if not careful put out the fire that is within all of us.  Keep track of all you hear and see.   Let us find freedom and recreation in critical thought.  Take a few breathes and think "why?".   Then ask "why?".  What ever you do don't panic.  It will make sense.  We are all a part of Team 6.


*     *     *     *     *

The Fox in the Hole

Under the afternoon sun I doze
On my side
An ear to the ground and one to the sky
My thoughts fall into the object of my desire
The cause of all evil and the drive of my existence
The dream we all dream of is my companion
A servant to my servitude
Among my family things are said
In my sleep my thoughts and the things I heard come together
They color a reality I am not sure I understand too well
That fox in the hole
In my slumber he is as real as the lark I caught the other day
A fleeting victory
How many times will I search and destroy that fox?
How many times will it take a different form?
Turning inside out
Revealing a nanosecond of clarity that in my dreams open up the mystery
But in my waking life feels as if my tail is waging me
I see the picture in my minds eye circulated among the rest
We can’t smell the fox in the pictures but we rather believe it exist
No questions
Without our fox my friends would get disoriented
Just the search to find something to search for
Would reveal things we are to well trained to not think of
We give up our freedom to serve the hunt
In my dreams I corner it but that is when things get cloudy
Vague in meaning I wake up remembering the instant I go in for the kill
But I don’t remember the kill
I open my eyes
The light blinds one eye
The other by the dirt
I shake myself off
Drink some water
Feels like a good day to kill my cousin