Tuesday Night Post #5 / by DBL

Collective Sleepers,
       Late starts, yes they slow the terminus but the terminus will result.
With child like infatuation, 


*     *     *     *     *

A Clear and Conscious Distance

What is this distance that is so clear and clean.
A view from above
A clear view.

From a perched location in detachment, it was not hard to fantasies about who he was and what he did.
She looks at the screen.
Watch’s him work.
He sweeps
He mops.

Him focused on the mundane task, the irksome dance, she drifts into the emotional mathematics of what was possible once in a time when she fantasize on the potential of the situation.  

In her eyes he becomes little squares of liquid crystals as her thoughts begin to stream…

Let us go inside.  Will we let things become what they are as we become that one thing that has eluded most of the ones that try and try again after a while all hell breaks through, how can I love this state of unravel?  How can I trust the one that see me for who I was and what I will be?  Can you accuse me before I am?  Simple time calls for complexities that I alone cannot enjoy.  I remember once when you said those things I love to hear and I questioned the only thing that is real and touchable.  Regulations.  Stormy darkness that is I will soon let it go but I am not ready for the moment in which I have let the ones I kept inside become myself.  Logging user motion detected.  Cluster fucks the collective consciousness that eats itself for the reason of existence.  If I ever let you in it is because I have given up on myself.  Myself is more precious than anything I know therefore when I hear I am precious from another it means nothing by use of emotional mathematics.  Stamp the time stamp the date I will remember this bytes.  In between is where I am on the roof is where you are ready to jump even if there is no force in which it would bring you to the ground.  Transfixed the repair, for it was not already broken, twice fold.  Don’t try to understand when you are trying to resolve.  Chose one choice if you are to win.  Let me find the time to know myself before I want you to understand the things that I have built myself to become.  Search back search click new page resolve.  Why should I trust when I know that reality is a question that must not be answered by the ones that asked it only by the ones that live it?  I don’t suppress myself in hopes of living long I do it in hopes of finding out what there is to live for.  X’s & O’s & 1’s and I can’t forget to save.  Don’t try to expunge my thoughts.  They are mind.  My possessions are an extension of the things that can break.  Let me love you in hopes I can break free when needed and when I am need I can break myself in two for you and for myself.  I can fracture in infinitude, one for me and several for the server.  Let me fear the fear that I fear for I fear in all its fear.  Just trust in the fact that I have demons that dress as angels for my heart is unwilling to see the facets of my personality.  There is no break in code or timing so is this genuine? If you step into my abode then you are mine if you are mine then you are for me to keep, this is a privilege.  Drive around me but if you drive in me that is when I cannot exist.  For I become the tool of another’s reality, which in my head is only possible if I truly adhere to the belief that I can become down into them…

On and on her mind disengages in things she is unconscious of and things she truly wants to resolve. 
Her comfort comes from being able to know where he is and seeing the phantom move in the screen. 

There is no comfort in dialogue.