Tuesday Night Post #10 / by DBL

My fellow meat puppets,

Lets just hope we don't choke on our vomit as we awake. 

*     *     *     *     *

Brought Together

A single hair winds and binds
In between the three strands
Across my chest
Goes across my ribs
A mental picture I create
A needle and thread by which I intend to connect
Uncountable wavering thoughts
Held up high, my limb, needle in hand
Mouth agape
The needle dives in flesh and far
Forty knots in a row except for the last five
Clustered safe as heaven's gate 
To feel the path that set me straight
Piercing thoughts
Piercing veins
Collecting fractures bones and lose ligaments
Pulling taut slipping through my finger tips
With a breath I am brought inside myself