Tuesday Night Post #9 / by DBL


Lets talk from the place where things are not strange
Position in the mind in which nothing is confusing
Attempts of awareness chase the epiphany building
Try not to grapple with the logic for it’s the one thing that dilutes
An offer of protection of the firmness that is objection
Can strangle off an extension of what might have been

Find freedom in a voice
Slide into the void that has a neighbor
Companionship is just one form
True liberation is sloppy
Sticky and confusing to the frontal self
Getting lost offers a recharge
A tossing up of the cards allows them to dance in their truth

Limbo is a stage don’t linger there to long
Although the next stage
Might be a variation of the first
You might find the presence there over-bearing

Embrace every thought it is a presence of existence
Jumping over formalities produces subjugation
Of course thoughts are refection’s of footsteps, stumbled and planted
Existence is a phenomenon ruminated
Grabbed, pinched, firmly interrogated
Lets give it water, some time to its self 
A moment to invent an alibi