Tuesday Night Post #32 / by DBL

Viewers and Seeker,

A little voice to feel that some one cares and some one is listening is all we want.  It is a micro and macro truth, it seems.  From god to love ones we want a partner, the least we ask for is a reflection.


*     *     *     *     *

On the Ledge

A sudden fair breeze cools the blushing in my face
on an edge
I felt my weight shift towards the void
from a hair folicale
which was absent of its hair
in this void
expanding past my peripherals
I lost movement

Sensing the internal signals
The visceral reactors
I felt myself about face

Faced to my rear
in place of this
on its handle
stood a white aluminum based broom

My inverted world
I came to realize
would come with many pains

My passage of time was comprehended
by only the parts of my being
that were beyond my visceral understanding

New networks in my memory measured movement

A conversation that was formed
in new memory
reminds me of this earthly goddess
My hopes are to bathe in your transmutation
Men are foolish
replicating your powers of creation

I connect to a stream
that does not empty out
but flows into itself

A pumping of information
growing with every circulation

In another memory I crated
a carcass of a discarded wood flooring
The dimensions of this memory are
117in. x 44in. x  22in. in height

This wrapped in plastic
and at the same time
quarantined from the rest

I sit on an edge of a gridded discus void