Tuesday Night Post # 33 / by DBL

            Tell me about secrecy.  Tell me about the privilege of it.  Help me understand the power of it.  It is easier to confuse than to lie?  When is it proper to veil the face that will eventually be seen?

*     *     *     *     *     *

When she was a child she wanted to know magic
Every child wants to be special
What made this child special was that she knew magic
was not a phenomenon
but a reflection of a specific state of mind
To her what made magic was not a power conjured up by a wizard
but a veil thrown upon a mass
She wanted to know the method that delivered this madness
She learned the silence that sheltered understanding
A right amount of distance gives control of every situation
Mouth shout
a door is close for conversation
A conversation is a field of obstacles
An obstacle is an object that tells others your disposition
This is elementary for her
As she grew she learned the fractal rules of confusion
A bullet is a dog with a stubborn direction
but with magic, bullets follow a different direction
In secrecy she finds a stable situation
Leave the other to their own conclusion
Most of us grow to find life confusing
to her this confusion added to her elevation
A lesson learned is a pencil sharpened
Add up the sum
most find a conclusion
not her
she reveals in delusion
Adding time we focus on our fusion
of past events and opinions gathered
we funnel our emotions to the closest resolution
Distance leaves very few options
She sees a voice as her greatest enemy
But leaves assumption as the greatest restitution
In the end she is harder to pin point
A target unable to disjoint
Left only to her own institution